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Instructional Videos

I offer two instructional videos, Copying a Sargent, and Portrait Painting Fundamentals. Both are available for purchase on DVD, and the first is also available for purchase as a download. I hope you enjoy these works.

Copying a Sargent by Paul DuSold

Download: $34.95

In this demonstration, artist Paul DuSold executes a copy of John Singer Sargent’s dashing portrait of William Merritt Chase. This demonstration is a very informative recreation of Sargent’s very direct and bold painting method. The painting marches forward with bravura execution; each stroke of the brush is decisive and descriptive.

Also available in DVD via the Combo Pack, below.

Copying A Sargent

Copying A Sargent

Watch Trailer
Buy $34.95

Portrait Painting Fundamentals by Paul DuSold

DVD: $34.95

Free shipping for orders within the United States. International orders, please contact me directly.


In this video Paul DuSold demonstrates a procedure for painting a portrait. Emphasis is placed on seeing and mixing color in terms of two key fundamentals: value, meaning lights and darks and color in terms of temperature, meaning warm and cool. No matter what the subject or the palette, these two issues must be addressed whenever we paint. The procedure in this demonstration is designed to focus on these fundamentals.


DVD Combo Pack – Copying a Sargent & Portrait Painting Fundamentals by Paul DuSold for $59.95

Free shipping for orders within the United States. Please contact me directly for international orders.

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