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ENDYMION'S DREAM: The Mystery of Beauty

Paintings by Paul DuSold
October 16 – November 12, 2022
Davenport Gallery

Wayne Art Center is proud to present Endymion’s Dream, The Mystery of Beauty, a series of recent paintings created by artist Paul Dusold.   

These paintings are an expression of the artists’ relationship to the inspiration of beauty. This theme is connected to the mythological figure of Endymion, a shepherd, and his love for Diana, the goddess of the moon. It is the theme of our human need to transcend separateness through artistic expression of love and the eternal mystery of beauty. 

Paul DuSold is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Paul is a representational, figurative painter.  His subjects include still-life, portrait, figures and landscape.


Paul teaches painting and drawing at the Woodmere Art Museum and the Fleisher Art Memorial. 

View the catalog below, or download it by clicking here.

Gallery Talk; the evolution of Endymions Dream

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