Daniel Garber, Springtime in the Village 1917

Arthur B. Carles, Pheasant with Green Apple 1924

A Sample Session

Arthur B. Carles, White Callas 1925

Daniel Garber, Quarry 1917


Exploring how and why great paintings affect us

In this series Paul DuSold explores how and why great paintings affect us emotionally and spiritually! 


By watching the recreation of a master painting from start to finish the viewer sees how the qualities of color, shape, texture, light and space engage the imagination as the painting goes from a blank canvas to a finished masterpiece. By seeing the painting develop, the viewer experiences the painting with much greater understanding!


As the painting develops, Paul describes every step of his experience walking in the footsteps of the artist who created the original. Context of social and aesthetic history will also be discussed.


Participants are allowed to ask questions at the end of each session.


The paintings Paul copies are both European and American masterpieces, historical and contemporary, representational and abstract, including the work of contemporary Philadelphia artists.

Starting January 6, Paul explores the world of Philadelphia painting in the first half of the 20th century by focusing on the paintings of Daniel Garber and Arthur B. Carles. Garber was a Pennsylvania Impressionist and Carles was one of the first important artists in America to explore Modernism through abstract painting. Both artists attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Both artists studied in Paris. They were in many ways similar and fundamentally opposed! It’s a fascinating story of one artistic revolution being replaced by another. Paul will copy paintings by both Garber and Carles in order to understand their aesthetic intentions and rivalry.


Wednesday mornings 10 am to 12 noon



January 6 to March 24. 12 sessions


The cost for the 12 sessions is $120. You may also purchase 6 sessions for $60, or an individual session for $10.


Recordings of each session will be available by request for those who need to miss a session.  There are no refunds.

THE EVOLUTION OF PAINTING: Daniel Garber and Arthur B. Carles, Impressionism versus Modernism in Philadelphia
Jan 08, 10:00 AM
Wednesday Mornings, 10am to noon, on Zoom
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